Building Info
  • Building Width
  • Building Length
  • Building Height
  • Roof Pitch
  • Main Frames
    Heavy Rigid Frame I-Beams
  • Sheeting (roof & walls)
    26 Guage PBR Profile
Building Features
  • Engineered Drawings
    Additional Cost
  • Insulation
    Additional Cost
  • Doors
    Framed Openings Only
Customize Your Building
QE Building Co. is a material supply company. WE DO NOT OFFER BUILDING ERECTION SERVICES
Company Info
QE Building Co. supplies metal buildings that use only high grade quality forged steel. Our steel buildings are made of AICS Certified steel that was MADE IN THE USA. We supply buildings that are built to last! Our team of project managers, engineers, and manufactures are metal building experts. With decades of experience we ensure the highest of quality on your project.
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